New Year Progress Report + New Features

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Happy New Year :) This is just a game progress update . . . *I have now completed a good amount of exercises and variations following advice from strength and conditioning coach Jadranko Duric. New features: * You can now toggle on or off exercise advice for exercise tips. Tips run like a ticker tape from right to left if enabled. *You can also enable flexibility and balance exercises which will show up in warm downs - the final 3 minutes at the end of each workout. *I have added diet ideas after consulting with registered and licensed nutritionalist Menoli Dissanaya. Dieting is still kind of a little bit subjective as there is so much confusion out there as to which diet works, and the truth is that some approaches work for some people but not others. I also wanted to put approaches that helped me lose weight personally in the past, so I know they work, at least from experimenting on myself. I have included a wholesome long-term maintenance diet - in this case the Mediterranean diet, and a fast track diet idea, which is nothing new I'll admit - it involves intermittent fasting, eating just twice a day but eating wholesome foods. Again, I know this works as I've even tested it on myself in the past. The fast track dieting is meant to be temporary for those wanting to see relatively quick results in fat loss. The Mediterranean diet approach for maintenance is put forward as an option in the game for long-term sustainability. These approaches will not suit everyone of course, the diet approach that works for each individual is what counts, so there is no set diet to follow, just some ideas in game. I hope to expand on this by providing an array of different sensible approaches so that people can experiment with which method works for them personally. I have also sharpened up the graphics in general noticeably, so I will have to redo the store page video and screenshots this week . However, the graphics are solid at least and people tell me the animations are nice and clear, with the game concept being unique on Steam, so that's good. So, why am I making a non-VR fitness game? Well, after years of searching for a non-VR fitness game on Steam, I simply could not and still cannot find one. VR is fantastic, but I loved the Kinect era in gaming, where you didn't have to wear a headset or carry controllers in your hands. With a non-VR fitness workout game you won't accidentally punch your monitor, tread on the cat or be unaware that your house is being robbed whilst working out lol. Plus you can workout on holiday on your laptop without packing VR equipment into your suitcase. Some people won't like wearing a headset whilst sweating it out, or having to buy a headset/controllers in the first place. I thought to myself 'There must be other people out there looking for a non-VR workout game too, surely'. I've asked a variety of people for constructive criticism/feedback and some people have said that it will be a great option to have a non-VR fitness game & others have said that gamers on Steam want to play games - they won't want to workout . . . Personally I like the idea of having both worlds, getting fitter whilst gaming. Maybe exercising in the morning to a unique workout, then switching to playing something like Rocket League, Undertale etc, for the rest of the day. Once again, Happy New Year :)