New Horror Game Under Development

The Moroccan Castle 3 : Behind The Secrets

Dive into the adventures inside The Moroccan Old Castle , solve the mystery , prepare yourself for a great horror experience !

[h2]Martha's Dolls [/h2] [h3]New Horror Game with new mechanics new [b]gameplay [/b]and also[b] better graphics[/b] and[b] full story[/b] ![/h3] [h1][b]NEW GAMEPLAY MECHANICS : [/b][/h1] [h3]Night Vision Camera Item + New Items ( Lighter , Ghost Hunting Items ...) [/h3] [h1][b]BETTER GRAPHICS : [/b][/h1] [h3]New Graphics Better Quality and Better Performance ![/h3] - Full Story - Long Gameplay - Puzzles and Hard Puzzles - New Mechanics ( Pushables , Draggables , LockPicks , and More ...) - New Jumpscares Systems , and More Things are comming ... [h1]Coming Soon [/h1] [b]Help me [/b]develope [b]Martha's Doll[/b] Game by Purchasing [i][b]The Moroccan Castle 3 : Behind The Secrets Game[/b][/i] ! [h2]Thanks [/h2] [h3]AJB GAMES STUDIO[/h3]