Mustachioed Face Off Results

Published by: renaud.joly

Trasus and Ortto are really proud of their facial hair... They both claim to have the best facial hair of the entire Tinyverse! They decided to settle their argument by fighting each other in the game. We asked you to guess the outcome of that fight: When Ortto and Trasus face each other, which one of them had the highest chances of winning, in November? Let see what were your guesses!
  • On Twitter, 100% of the people answering thought that Ortto would beat Trasus when they meet in-game, poor Trasus.
  • On Facebook too, Ortto got most of the votes: 63% for Ortto, 23% for Trasus.
  • The results were more balanced among our Discord Community: 53% for Ortto, 47% for Trasus.
We had a total of 29 respondents, 68% chose Ortto whereas 32% went for Trasus. Ortto is a strong fighter, and he did fight fiercely to claim the best facial hair of the Realms... But Trasus was not ready to give up on that title!

During November, Trasus had actually more chances of winning over Ortto when they fought each other!

That was a fierce fight! Tell us what you think about the outcome on our Discord Channel!