Minor Patch 1.0.3

Open The Gates!

Build, manage and defend your medieval castle in this crazy sidescroller RTS game. Build walls, towers and traps to protect your fortress from enemy sieges before launching your own. Command powerful siege weapons and design the perfect strategy to take back the empire.

[b]Update aims to adress some performance issues on lower end devices using Integrated Graphics. Please use a Dedicated Graphics card if possible![/b] [list] [*]Game now automatically sets vsync setting based on display refresh rate. Eg. if refresh rate is not 60hz vsync will be automatically enabled when the game is first launched. If the setting is manually adjusted, it will not be re-adjusted by the game. [*]Anti-aliasing is now disabled by default. This was causing performance issues on lower end devices. [*]Optimized menu buttons (especially checkboxes). [*]Minor additional optimizations. [/list]