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Dark Envoy

Dark Envoy is an RPG-adventure with tactical real-time combat and online co-op. Control a party of relic hunters in this tale of destiny, set in a conflict-torn Guns N’ Sorcery world.

[img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35577865/08592c29ec98fb270a24b86f211fd7f70cb4807c.png[/img] [h1]Join us on Discord and become a part of our Dark Envoy community! [/h1] The game launches on [b]October 24th[/b], so it's the last chance to check it out before the launch. If you're interested in trying out the current version of the game and helping us with balancing the combat, please join our Discord. We'll be happy to [b]share access to the private build.[/b] - drop a msg on #playest-access. This build contains all of RPG systems (such as e.g. research or unique enchantments), not available before. As try to be a community driven studio, your feedback plays a vital role in shaping of the final release. It is especially important considering that all the RPG systems we put in the game result in A LOT of available options on how to build and fight with your party, to the point that we could add [i]"a bit sandboxy"[/i] as a tag, if there was an option for it. 😉 You can join our discord by using this link: [u][url=][/url][/u] We would also like to mention that at some point before the lauch, access to the preview/demo version will no longer be available. We're looking forward to your feedback! 👉[url=]feedback[/url]! or drop your thoughts on Discord and we'll be happy to chat. The Dark Envoy team 🛡️✨ [url=]Discord[/url] | [url=]Twitter[/url] | [url=]Facebook[/url] | [url=]TikTok[/url]