HoT Update | 2024-02-19 | Chambers of Dissonance

Halls of Torment

Slay hordes of terrifying monsters in this horde survival roguelite. Descend into the Halls of Torment where the Lords of the underworld await you. Treasures, magical trinkets, and a growing cast of heroes will grant you the power to vanquish these horrors from beyond. How long can you survive?

[h1]Greetings Adventurers[/h1] It’s time for the Chambers of Dissonance to open its gates. Face new dangers from the depths of the halls and meet new heroes. With this update we are closing in on the finale. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us with their feedback on the experimental branch. It allowed us to eliminate most of the kinks for this update. Now is the time to make it available to all players. If you have completed quests on the experimental branch, the achievements should unlock on the next game start. [h2]Here’s an overview of the incoming changes[/h2] [list] [*] Performance improvements on all ends, general ones and for specific abilities and cases. [*] Fixed some sources of common crashes. As per usual we ask you to send us crash dumps after every new update to find new unknown sources for crashes. Thanks for your continuous reporting, even if we can’t reply to everyone! [*] Trait Variants View: When selecting traits with multiple variants you can now display the mutual exclusive traits in a separate view (right mouse click, or LB on the gamepad). [/list] [h3]Chambers of Dissonance[/h3] [list] [*] The next stage that can be unlocked by defeating the Twisted Construct in Frozen Depths. [*] Chambers of Dissonance quest board has been added. [*] The Chambers feature a complete roster of new unique monster types, including three new bosses and a final Lord boss. [*] The stage comes with its own new music track. [*] The difficulty should be manageable for most regular players. Players that have maxed out their builds won’t have any trouble unless maybe playing with Agony turned on. We’re also looking forward to your feedback on this and might apply some adjustments in the final update. [/list] [h3]Landsknecht[/h3] [list] [*] Can be unlocked in the Chambers of Dissonance. [*] Quest board for Landsknecht has been added. [*] Landsknecht-Mark has been added. [*] Projectile focused character wielding a powerful arquebus and magic grenades. [*] Magic grenades have a chance to be thrown every time when dealing damage with projectiles. Higher damage yields a significantly better chance. [*] Landsknecht has 3 variants for each Trait, but from the total of 9, 4 are exclusive for the Landsknecht. [/list] [h3]Sage[/h3] [list] [*] Can be unlocked in the Chambers of Dissonance. [*] Quest board for Landsknecht has been added. [*] Sage Mark has been added. [*] Character’s main weapon is the first ability you choose at the beginning of the run. [*] You start your run with a free ability selection. [*] Sage traits are focused on abilities in general. [*] The sage is quite knowledgeable and can always choose from the full set of abilities, even when picking up a scroll instead of a tome. [/list] [h3]New Abilities[/h3] [list] [*] Added Morning Star ability: a physical projectile/melee ability that gets a damage buff with force. [*] Morning Star comes with three upgrades and a full set of traits. [*] Morning Star is unlocked by completing Landsknecht quests. [*] Added Spectral Fists ability which is a directly attacking summon ability. [*] Spectral fists' special traits can influence other abilities or be strengthened by main weapon traits.. [*] Spectral Fists are unlocked by completing Sage quests. [/list] [h3]Ability Changes[/h3] [list] [*] Frost Avalanche rebalancing. [*] Frost Avalanche got a new quest and ability upgrade. [*] Spirit Warriors rebalancing, scales now with summon count improvements. [*] Spirit Warriors’ Twin Warrior upgrade got replaced. [*] Spirit Warriors got a new ability upgrade + quest. [*] Hailstorm got a rebalancing: You need to drop the satellites from time to time so that the upgrades will keep doing their job. [*] Hailstorm got an upgrade including a new quest to set enemies on fire. [*] Kugelblitz received some changes to make it more useful, especially early on. [/list] [h3]Other Changes[/h3] [list] [*] Many smaller visual updates in effects and abilities. [*] Added Physical & Magic Damage blessings. [*] Multistrike III and Piercing Wind III traits have been added. [*] New late run min-max traits unlocked through the Sage that can be used when reaching level 70. [*] Frost effect damage has been reduced to a base of 80 while burn has been increased to 30. [*] New layout for the Frozen Depths quest board. [*] Total damage in endscreen has been changed to show the sum of all weapons, filtering out damage sources that have not been the player. [*] New quest icons. (some are still missing, but will be added for the update next week) [*] The HUD shows whether you have auto attack and/or auto aim enabled or not. [*] Trait and ability selection screens have a selection feedback effect. UI effects can be turned off in the settings. [*] Many smaller bug fixes [/list] [b]Stay Fresh 🥕 - Chasing Carrots[/b]