Gameplay trailer and music released!

Goblin Camp

Goblin Camp is a fantasy city-building game inspired by Finnish mythology. Deep simulation mechanics capture the unique challenges of surviving the harsh winters and carving a thriving settlement out of the northern forest. Lead your goblins to greatness!

Our first gameplay trailer is here! View it below or [url=]on Youtube[/url]. Our aim is for Goblin Camp to be in Early Access later this year. "It's great to get to show off the game. We've put in a lot of hard work to get this far," says Korppi Games CEO and CTO Ilkka Halila. [previewyoutube=b1q1tXsqkMQ;full][/previewyoutube] [h3]Big Music News[/h3] We are also delighted to announce that Goblin Camp will feature an exclusive soundtrack created by video game composer Henri Sorvali (also known from his work with Moonsorrow and Finntroll). From the joyful bustle of the summer to the melancholic dark winters, the soundtrack is keyed to the moods of the different seasons, reflecting the yearly cycle that is a key gameplay element of Goblin Camp. In keeping with the importance of Finnic paganism to the game, it features the traditional Finnish instrument, the [i]kantele[/i]. You can hear a preview of the music in the track created specifically for the gameplay trailer. Korppi Games is immensely proud to be working with Mr. Sorvali.