From the Devlog...Logs #3 (6/6/23)

Love & Country

A World War I historical romance-spy thriller visual novel with meaningful choices.

[i]Coucou, chéries[/i] [i]![/i] It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? We can’t believe it is basically summer already; time has really flown by, but rest assured we’ve been working hard trying to finish this thing! Beyond adding the rest of our scripted material and new art to the existing game structure, the past few weeks have been dedicated to updating the game menus and adding some new features. First and foremost, we wanted to add a gallery to allow players to revisit any CGs they’ve unlocked (we all know you are going to want to see the drunk nun from the train again!). Because our resident artist @pr1nsass has provided so many gorgeous images, this meant we needed an extensive gallery. Luckily, there are a number of very good free Ren’Py gallery tutorials out there–we found the ones from [url=]Ex4i [/url] and [url=]Zeil Learnings[/url] to be especially helpful. Zeil Learnings’ YouTube videos have a really clear breakdown of what each section of code in the tutorial does. Here is a look at what we have so far: [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44499761/f956221f161af9b746665ecbe6d619c01ba1b739.png[/img] We also wanted to a little flair to the base GUI that Ren’Py provides. There is a lot of room for customization within that framework. We designed a new “empty slot” icon for the Save and Load screens that we think fits with our Art Nouveau-ish motif: [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/44499761/2404c10b4940153e3588933aa009c202e307e386.png[/img] We still have a lot to do to update the settings page and add some other bells and whistles (like particle effects!) but we wanted to share what we have so far. Team Guhuhu is hard at work drawing and composing as well, so we should have some more content to share with you soon. Anyway, keep up with us in other ways by following us on Twitter and Instagram and thanks for sticking with us in the meantime. We’re still on track for a late summer/early fall release, so please continue to support us! Your love makes us work harder 💖💖💖!!! [i]Bisous[/i] [i]![/i] Guhuhu Games