Devs stream Workshop mods with friends of Barony!

August 15, 2020 mistersneak Community Announcements

Tonight at 7pm PST

Turning Wheel LLC is livestreaming on Twitch with Spring Heeled Studios! Check us out on their Twitch channel here! We'll be playing some of Turning Wheel's favorite achievement-friendly Workshop mods, especially the ones we think SHS will get a kick out of. Tune in to see some of the variety that the Workshop has to offer, plus get to know the devs! Feel free to come ask us questions or just join in on the hype! We're doing this livestream to promote the Kickstarter campaign that's currently running for Barony, porting to new systems and adding all sorts of great new features for ALL versions of the game. That means you, Steam users! If you haven't been following us on Kickstarter, now's a great time to catch up with some updates. We just released a great new update that dives into Barony's music: And here's a few that go into the details about what UI upgrades will be possible when this campaign is funded!: Inventory Overhaul -

image excerpt from the update

Lobby and Character Creation Overhaul -

image excerpt from the update

Spring Heeled Studios is making this Kickstarter-exclusive leather case for Barony! We have tons of other great rewards too for backers. Even if you're a die-hard PC player you've got a lot to look forward to by being a part of this campaign. This includes being able to design your own spell or legendary magic item!

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