Cross-Platform Multiplayer Update and Sale

Published by: OutOfTheBit

Here's what's new...
  • Cross-platform multiplayer You can now match with players on any platform that the game is available on, around the world, when playing multiplayer
  • Anonymous leaderboard names Your leaderboard name is now made up of a set of wacky words, go to settings -> leaderboard name to change it as much as you want until you find something you like
  • Bug Fixes We've fixed a few bugs and made a few improvements
We're also pleased to announce that to celebrate this update we're putting the game on sale next week at a 30% discount. This discount will start at 10AM PST / 6pm BST on the 3rd of August. Here's a video showing off a game between three players on three different platforms: Thanks for playing! - The OutOfTheBit Team