Cartoon Network Journeys VR - UPDATE

Published by: yeeshkabob

Greetings dimension hopper, For those of you hungry for more dimensional travel, we've got a trippy new update...
  • Kosma Kwest: The Lost Episode has been added as a new bonus journey! To unlock, you must complete all three original journeys. Once accessible, the new journey card will be presented by Gormlorm and added to the dimensional deck.
  • King Mode is now accessible via the dimensional deck in the desert. Unlock this bonus game mode after completing Jest to Impress.
  • Valve Index and Knuckles support has been added.
  • Minor bug fixes.


A tale of two capadildong caterpillars, each living in mirror opposite dimensions. Befriend one and isolate the other. Learn the pointless importance of dimensional currency and balance - all while being guided by your favorite honey child deity, Kosma. This is a re-master of the original, unreleased pilot for Kosma Kwest. Created by the same Cartoon Network team that brought you Kosma Kwest. Until next time, Gormlorm