Endorphin Vice

"Endorphin Vice A physics-based sandbox game designed for exploring lifelike simulations of in-game mortality, this experience provides a customizable environment and an array of tactically designed objects to craft various scenarios and effects.

[h1][b]THIS UPDATE INCLUDES[/b][/h1] [h3]Dude's [b]gonna scream[/b][/h3] when he gets whacked (hit with a physical object) - no doubt. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41897517/3ea2a77d41d0ab81c48df4130c36dbe92ef8d504.png[/img] [h3][b]Characters get messed up in real-time when you shoot 'em a bunch - like, realistic deformations and all.[/b][/h3] [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41897517/0d29768724aa25f0933238fa96a38e35d6a4098f.png[/img] [h3]new customization options[/h3] such as tan black latex new shirts new pants new mask and etc [h3]Got this new apartment level[/h3] with five rooms, and it's lit - you can mess around with stuff everywhere. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41897517/3316bfba0be99ef762ef5feb92a241f7c105b1ec.png[/img] [h3]Footsteps got an upgrade[/h3] so when you're walking in the game, it sounds legit. [h3]AI got smarter[/h3] - they're more fun and hard to mess with now. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41897517/fa1dfd1631614ed1ecf89043489d3b3b568d8bd3.png[/img] [h3]Ragdoll physics got smoother[/h3] - no more wonky moves. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41897517/214e73f383361101d8e0a9f88088c66e1e21c9fe.png[/img] [h3]Spawn menu got a facelift[/h3] - no more glitches, it's all smooth sailing. [h3]Glocks got pimped[/h3] - cooler animations, better models. [img]{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/41897517/0dd5cff8303ac14388399fc6a692180bc14b422c.png[/img] [h3]Procedural gun slides?[/h3] Yeah, we reworked that too - now it's all fresh and clean. [h3]Gun sounds and effects got a boost[/h3] - louder, punchier, you're gonna feel it. [h3]New ragdoll map, man[/h3] - shoot stuff, watch it go flying, play around with cool objects. [img][/img] And guess what? [h3]You can spawn a car in a snap from the menu[/h3] Easy as pie.