A Selection of Changes

November 23, 2021 Bad Logic Community Announcements
We've added in a new way to play Fortune & Gloria with a selection screen that allows you to choose the player(s), enemies and environment, while still giving the option for random missions. We've also made a bunch of fixes and improvements to remove some annoyances and enhance the gameplay experience. The changes included in this update are: - New level selection screen so you can choose your player(s), enemy and environment, which makes it easier to complete achievements - Health packs are no longer hit/destroyed by bullets - Explosions are 50% bigger, damaging more of their surroundings - Adjusted the default zoom to show (can still be adjusted with - and +) - Fixed animation error when crouching using a controller - Tweaked jump to make controls feel tighter - Footsteps and some other sounds stopped when paused We hope you enjoy the changes we've made