1.3.1 Patch Notes

Community Announcements
Arrrr! Those Skeleton Pirates are very sneaky, swindling you for a useless Treasure Map! But - no more!


  • Villagers will no longer bury weapons in fog
  • It is now slightly more common to get a special location instead of a Sinking Tower


  • Fixed not being able to use the Ancient Keys to get past the guardian in Act 4 Part 2
  • Fixed pirate treasure map not placing treasure sometimes
  • Fixed Jellyfish & Giant Tortoise buttons being offscreen when mounted in some languages
  • Fixed some buffs not being properly applied in combat when mounted (eg the Cutlass' "Marine Bonus")
  • Fixed losing proper Inspect focus when mounting using Controller
  • Fixed not being able to fully boost or target in combat sometimes when using Controller
  • Fixed walking animations playing when mounted and trading in some situations

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