Zero Wrath Vendetta

Release August 3rd 2020

About the game

Zero Wrath Vendetta is a rock opera videogame. Dodge enemy beams with your space fighter, kill huge bosses, and sing along to seven distinct songs that tell of your fight against your own royal family.

Zero Wrath Vendetta is a hybrid of old-school top-scrolling shooter, and also a match-two puzzle game. Your ship moves across the bottom of the screen, shooting at enemies that fall from the top. But many enemies stack into columns in front of you, and you must destroy them by swapping columns and getting the ships to match and blow each other up.

Mid-boss enemies release skulls when they're destroyed. These skulls act as "bombs" in the columns; match two to destroy whole rows or columns.

Seven levels; seven big multi-part bosses; three player ships to choose from. Two player singer voices to choose from, plus a no-voice "karaoke" mode so you can sing along yourself.