Warkestra is a voice command survival action game where you can use your own words and voice to command your troops that understand your intentions. Explore castles, tame monsters, build your army, and become the one and only legendary commander.

Warkestra brings a unique blend of action and strategy to the gaming world, powered by cutting-edge voice recognition deep learning technology. Immerse yourself in a thrilling gameplay experience where you, as the player, can harness the power of resurrection to turn defeated foes into loyal troops under your command. With intuitive controls using both the keyboard, mouse, and voice commands, navigate through Castles packed with challenging stages filled with monsters and the occasional boss enemy. Embark on a perilous journey as you collect a wide array of artifacts to aid you in battle.

Harness the power of resurrection to revive enemies as loyal troops. Resurrected troops contribute unique sets of skills and abilities to your army, enhancing your chances of victory in the treacherous battles that lie ahead.

Experience the next level of immersion with our advanced voice recognition deep learning technology. Break free from predefined phrases and express your intentions naturally, witnessing your subordinates swiftly and accurately respond to your commands. Take control of your character's movements using the keyboard and mouse, but also control your troops by voice commands.

Employ calculated strategies to navigate through each stage's labyrinthine setup, cunningly dispatch enemies, and skillfully deploy troops to gain dominion over the battlefield. Make careful decisions when leveling up your troops' skills to get an upper hand in battle.

Embark on a challenging adventure as you conquer numerous stages filled with intricately designed rooms. Encounter relentless hordes of menacing monsters, with some stages culminating in epic boss battles that will test your skills, strategic thinking, and resource management.

Unearth a myriad of potent artifacts, such as weapons and consumables, lurking in the depths of each stage. Carefully choose and equip these items, leveraging their unique attributes to mend wounds, enhance your abilities, and strengthen your troops, gaining a tactical advantage in combat.

Immerse yourself in an innovative gaming experience that seamlessly blends live-action battles with strategic decision-making. Harness the power of voice recognition, lead your resurrected troops with precision, and embark on an epic adventure through challenging battles and perilous encounters. How many castles can you conquer? Can you emerge as a legendary commander? Your fate is in your hands!

Usable voice commands:
  • Utilize verbs such as attack, destroy, kill, or eliminate.
  • Targets can be specified in your command, like 'attack the warriors', 'kill the green archers', or 'destroy them all.'
  • Specify both the troops and the target; for instance, 'One warrior, attack the red archers.'
  • Skills can be activated by saying the skill name followed by the target. Try 'taunt the blue golems.'
  • Experiment with attack variations, such as 'attack from behind,' or 'attack counterclockwise.'
  • Try using phrases like 'Follow me' or 'Stop'.
  • When you call out 'Help Me,' the troops will target enemies attacking you.
  • The command 'Come here' will guide your troops to your position where they will remain on alert.
  • Say 'Watch Out' to have your troops avoid the red attack zones.

Since Warkestra has the ability to analyze intentions, don't hesitate to combine different words in your commands and discover what feels most comfortable for you.

  • W,A,S,D & Mouse - Move Character & View
  • Left Mouse - Attack
  • Right Mouse - Resurrect enemies
  • Shift - Voice Input method (Can change to 'always' in settings)
  • Tab - Check HP
  • Space bar - Jump
  • F - Interact
  • R - Release hired troops (in lobby)
  • 1, 2, 3 - Use consumable artifacts