Wandering Through The Vines

Wandering Through The Vines is a hand drawn 2D adventure game with platforming elements. Dark yet vibrant. You are an unnamed protagonist thrust into a linear narrative. By transforming into a gun and wielding a powerful sword you must traverse 12 levels of increasing difficulty.
Discover a new world set out before you. Fight off the strange nightmare to overcome the land. Coins to collect and limited lives means you must your wit and strategy to destroy your foes and progress.

Key Features
- Challenging game play
- 2D Shooting and Melee
- Coins To Collect
- Baddies To Kill
- Story To Unfold
- Save On Menu To Save Level Progress

[Changes Made After Release]
-Added High Score
-Added Total Deaths on Level Menu
-Added a Reward for Collecting all Coins in Game

[Changes Made Thanks To Beta Testers]
-You can now shoot through coins
-Fixed Dialogue Triggers
-Updated UI
-Level Name Banners
-Scaled and Adjusted Health on Enemies
-Buffed Gun Damage
-Moved platforms and colliders to prevent glitching
-Added Player Trail

Coming Soon!