Virtual Aquarium - Overlay Desktop Game

April 1, 2022

About the game

Do you love fish and have your own aquarium but it is not enough for you?
Or maybe you can't have an aquarium and would you like to?
This is the perfect hit on your part!
Virtual Aquarium: Overlay Desktop Game is the game for you!

This game works as an overlay above all windows - so you don't have to distract yourself from the current activity to watch your fish look, grow and get wonderful colors.

Main features of the game:

The game is displayed as an overlay above the windows.

Everything happens no matter what you are doing. Your beautiful and colorful fish will swim on your screen and make your time spent in front of the computer at work, school or at home more pleasant.

Interaction with fish

By clicking on a fish you can check its name and species.

Many species of fish

There are over 20 species and over 100 subspecies of freshwater and saltwater fish in the game.

Beautiful colors and fish patterns

The fish in our game have wonderful vivid colors, as the fish grows its colors become more vivid and more expressive, thanks to which your virtual aquarium allows you to beautify your screen even better.

Graphic effects

The game has various graphic effects that will introduce you to the world of your own aquarium even better.

Additional functions

AUTO START - Your aquarium will automatically greet you when you turn on the computer.

GAME MODE - the game will go into hibernation when you start another game in full screen, which will ensure full computer power.

With the help of keyboard shortcuts, you can easily operate the basic elements of the game.