Release April 5th 2020

About the game

The game is a Virtual reality experience where the player will experience escape room styled levels.
Each tier of levels will have a different theme and puzzles to be solved.

The goal is to explore and progress through the levels.

As you progress through the tiers the difficulty will increase, where Tier 1, room 1 will be the most easy area to explore and complete.
There is currently 4 Tiers planned, each tier contains 3-5 levels and are themed in the specific tier.

During development, the progress can be followed on Trello, via link in the community forum.

The tiers
Tier 1 (very easy) - Dungeon / middle ages (Developed during Early access, and playable)
Tier 2 (easy) - Victorian with a dash of steampunk (Developed during Early access, and playable)
Tier 3 (somewhat difficult) - 1950-2000's themed (Not available yet)
Tier 4 (hard) - Futuristic / Sci-fi themed (Not available yet)
Tier 5 (Complex) - Well we just have to wait and see what happens at T5 (Not available yet)

There is a tutorial to get you familiar with some of the puzzles and concepts introduced, however not all types are included in the tutorial.