Tyrant's Realm

Embark on an adventure in a dark fantasy world filled with untold dangers and terror. Gear up with an arsenal of weapons and armor each with unique gameplay mechanics in this homage to souls-like gameplay of the past! Can you Survive?

Welcome Would-Be Hero of Old.

Throughout generations, your family has had a never-ending quest, a journey of hardship and despair…with one goal in mind, defeating the Tyrant.

The Tyrant. An all-powerful being that has lived for generations cultivating power in their search for ultimate knowledge and control of the universe.

What awaits you are the realms that have become brutal and dark hellscape, a far cry from the golden ages of the past as cities and empires have fallen into depravity.

● Gear is Survival, without it you are Nothing. It’s key that you acquire lost knowledge and unlock advancements in armor and weapons that aid you on this adventure.

● Soulslike Combat Sets You Apart. In-depth strategy, well-timed skills, and sheer luck all play a part in the family quest to vanquish the Tyrant.

● They are Waiting. The world is filled with vast environments and bosses set out to defeat you by any means necessary.

● Visually Retro-Inspired, Tyrants Realm is focused on keen combat and visuals that draw you in, if you can survive that is.