Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - White Tiger Yan

Release March 19th 2020

About the dlc

Yan Baihu, or ‘White Tiger Yan’ as he is known, is the fearsome bandit leader that prowls the hills of Jiangdong in south-east China. He is known for his coalition-building prowess, capable of bringing the Shanyue tribes, and even local Han officials, under the wave of his banner. Yan Baihu may be far from the conflict of the North, but with Sun Ce on his doorstep, there may be chaos yet to come.

Unique Faction Mechanics: Shanyue Camps

Yan Baihu gains an additional minor settlement building option, the Shanyue Encampment, which provides food, gives bonus research speed to certain Bandit technologies, and grants access to additional Yue tribal units.

Unique Faction Mechanics: White Tiger Confederation

White Tiger Yan knows that the people of the South will need to stand together if they are to survive. His faction will gain strengthening benefits which correlate to the size of coalition it belongs to or alliance it is a member of.