The Storyteller

The Storyteller is an online game that takes traditional TTRPG elements into a digital environment. You can build your own world, play online with your friends, engage in role-playing, and guide them through your story.

In the game you can create your own world in a worldbuilder mode and tell your story as a Storyteller. After you finished the worldbuilding, you can host it and play with your friends in a Turn-based combat RPG.

Here are the features you can access:

Play as a Storyteller:

Create Worlds: Easily paint terrains and add buildings, trees, and decorations.
NPCs and Shops: Add characters that players can interact with, including shopkeepers.
Interactive Storytelling: Tell your story and engage players with interactive elements.
Epic Battles: Challenge players with turn-based combat and powerful enemies.
Triggers: Change chapters or music on the fly.
Rewards: Place chests with loot for players to find after battles.
Set the Mood: Use music and sounds to enhance the atmosphere.
Dice Rolls: Add a TTRPG feel with dice roll challenges.
Custom Rules: Adjust the game’s difficulty and other settings to your liking.
Host and lead your friends through your creation online, or let everyone explore the world that you created.

Play as a Hero:

Create Your Character: Pick an avatar and distribute stats.
Battle: Fight in strategic turn-based battles.
Level Up: Grow stronger and choose your path as a warrior, mage, or rogue.
Learn Spells: Master different classes and spells.
Loot and Gear Up: Find treasures, buy gear, and get ready for bigger challenges.
Adventure: Dive into the story and interact with the world.
TTRPG Checks: Use dice rolls for key moments like persuasion.
Be the Hero: Complete the campaign and become a legend.