The Noob Adventures: Fool For Love

A visual novel set in the world of 'The Noob Adventures'. Meet and talk to your favourite characters in this nostalgic fan-fiction.

N00bly, Fart_Garfunkel and POOPLOSER_69 are back in Townington and need your help in this (strictly PG) fan-fiction romantic visual novel.
It's been over 10 years since they've rid the server of former staff member Gaylord_Steambath and now they face their own challenges as they navigate the perils of being server staff. Help them find what they're looking for - and write your own happy ending with each of them.
Explore classic locations from 'The Noob Adventures' minecraft server, and meet characters from the TNA universe!
  • Over 30 unique locations around the TNA universe
  • Interactions and unique stories for each of the Trio
  • Special Guest appearances from other characters from the TNA universe
  • Unique art for each happy ending
  • Unique bad endings for each storyline
  • VA from the original series


Max: 1,99€


Min: 1,99€