The Beasts Of 9500

Rich in species, don't underestimate any opponent

This is a world that requires you to try your best to survive. Maybe you are the king of loneliness, maybe you are the warrior of community.Through the jungle, across the plains, into the unknown, notes ahead, watch your step, but also beware of the invasion from the sky, perseverance will be an important element of your survival.

Powerful predator same part time will become the hot spot of the game, will be more be more players to choose, but we won't deliberately to strengthen the ability of a dinosaur attributes, every dinosaur in a specific period of time there will be some weakness or strength, these random elements will increase the playability of the game, and handling, we are true as far as possible to restore the ecological attribute, powerful tyrannosaurus suitable land hunting or surprise, but they are not good at running.Heavy talons and crocodiles are more used to fighting in the water, which is a factor in whether you can defeat your opponent in the end.

Be good at using your strengths

When you join the game, you need to choose your way of survival. Whether it is the weak herbivore or the powerful carnivore, each dinosaur has its own unique ability to survive. Never let your guard down, because some small dinosaur that is good at running can beat you with speed.Maybe it's speed versus power, maybe it's endurance versus speed, or maybe group strength is more reliable.We are committed to the design and balance of each segment so that players of any species are treated fairly.

Gameplay and the addition of new species

The game to be the work of a few dinosaur lovers, we will continue to improve the game, adding no dinosaur species, each dinosaur has its own unique expertise, we are constantly absorbing the opinions of the players in the development process, because of your thoughts and ideas is the direction of the game, eventually, although it is an Early Access game, but it has a complete pattern and play game, you can fight alone, also can join the team.Dozens of dinosaurs come from the ground, the sky and the water. If you're a dinosaur lover, don't miss it.