Target Runner

Release July 31st 2020

About the game

Target Runner is a 2D platformer with a side view.
The player controls a character whose goal is to pass levels avoiding deadly traps and crazy villains.

The main highlight and difference of the game from other platformers is really frenzied management. The character moves where the player points the cursor, and the further the cursor is, the faster the character moves.

Get ready, the game challenges even the most inveterate and avid fans of the genre, it is very hardcore! Be patient, you will need all the experience of a seasoned gamer to pass it to the end. Stock up on non-stick table coverings and shockproof mice and start exploring the dungeons to find the most valuable thing you have - the limit of your skill.

- Unusual motion control
- Pixel graphics
- Cheerful music
- Tooth-crushing bosses