System Invaders

Release March 27th 2020

About the game

System Invaders is a shoot em' up game where one's main objective is to destroy all viruses that have infected your computer. Experience waves upon waves of viruses and destroy them all!

We greatly appreciate any feedback, compliment or criticism. It helps us navigate our way through the Game Development journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you enjoy your time within System Invaders.

- Prisma Games


Experience waves upon waves of viruses that have infected your computer. Can you destroy them all?


  • 5 Chapters, with over 125+ waves of enemies,
  • Many types of enemies, bosses, and power-ups,
  • Play with friends in local or online co-op,
  • Enjoy tougher gameplay in hardcore mode,
  • Unique in-house made soundtracks,
  • Full controller support,
  • Steam achievements, stats, and leaderboards,
  • Steam cloud saving support,

Future Features

I would love to work with the community on new and exciting upcoming features!

  • Map editor and steam workshop integration,
  • New enemies and challenges,
  • New abilities and power-ups.
  • New game modes.
  • In-game shops and unlockables.