Strongest Imp

Destroy hordes of demons and become the strongest of all, if you can survive until there. In Strongest Imp you will use numerous artifacts, items, weapons and runes to build the perfect demon. Use roquelike mechanics and modify your weapons using all your creativity to break havoc in hell!

Welcome to hell, little Imp!

Strongest Imp is a casual game with roguelite elements, where you'll need to survive hell and annihilate thousands of demons in your path. Your choices in each match make every single run unique!

Survive as long as you can while facing different demons with different mechanics.
Build your own weapons using runes and modifying how they work. Using your creativity and you will go far!

In each run, you will collect resources that will provide power for the next runs, and you will be able to even save items to start stronger than ever.

Compatible with mouse and keyboard.

Tips for beginners:

- The meta-progression mechanic works as percentages, that is, it will enhance the status achieved with items!
- Choose carefully the artifacts you will collect, you can collect a maximum of 4 per run.
- You can use up to 3 weapons at the same time. And 5 runes on each weapon to create your own mechanics.
- As time passes, the demons get stronger!
- There are several secrets and collectibles in fixed locations, can you find them all and uncover some stories?


Max: 2,99€


Min: 2,99€