Song of Slavs

Become a Tsar! Create your own settlement and expand it into a stronghold to protect your people in a handcrafted side-scroller pixel art adventure game. Construct your town, gather resources, and fight enemies like a real tsar.

In Song of Slavs you have to try on the role of a real young Tsar who must found his settlement and withstand hordes of treacherous enemies. You will have to demonstrate your leadership skills at different times of the day and under different weather conditions. Increase the population of your village, distribute professions and turn your village into a glorious city of the ancient Slavs.

The Tsar's Retinue
Each warrior in your retinue can become unique with the help of a combat system tied to the squad and builds of each individual warrior.

Turn to the powers of the ancient pagan gods
Remember religion! Mighty ancient oaks are suitable not only for valuable resources, but also as material for creating powerful idols that will help protect your settlement. Choose which idol to sacrifice to. You can sacrifice your settler for the sake of peace and prosperity, or you can sacrifice food for the sake of progress.

Develop yourself and your people
Having developed your settlement sufficiently, you will unlock horses and be able to saddle the steed, and your peasants will have access to a cart for transporting more resources.

Strengthen and develop your settlement
Build and upgrade various buildings to suit the needs of your settlement - a farm, a barn, a bathhouse, a house and even several idols. Each type of building requires certain resources, but provides different development bonuses. Need new units or resources? There are special buildings for this production.

Set your priorities
You choose what and where to build. You can strengthen the fortress's fence or create more units for defense by wisely managing the settlement's resources. Each building has its own purpose and will help you implement your strategy.

Handcrafted pixel art and music
Immerse yourself in Slavic culture in an atmosphere of magnificent music with Slavic motifs and incredible pixel art and sounds of real Slavic life.