Slay The Bigies

Release February 17th 2020

About the game

Slay The Bigies is an anime style hack'n slash action rpg game.

You are created as a Klkyru by The Three Goddesses, to save the world from Bigies.


- 4 Chapters. Each chapter has 5 maps + 1 boss map
- 16 Skill / Talents
- Randomized Loot
- Inventory / Stash System
- 4 Different Outfit


After you completed 4 chapters, the endgame area in town becomes accessable and you dive in to The Abyss. Everytime you completed an Abyss run, enemies gets thougher and your loot becomes richer. There is no upper limit on Abyss.

Create your build and beat every other Klkyru on Abyss!