An old Russian hut, endless forests, and not a single person for hundreds of miles around.

In this game, there is no combat system, no monsters, leveling, quests, and generally any goals other than those that you set for yourself. You are not waiting for a dynamically developing plot and exciting adventures, where do you even come from adventures in a tiny, abandoned village? Once there was a bustling life, however, the lack of work, entertainment and generally any prospects forced all the residents to leave. You are the only one who did not exchange wide fields, dense forests and a morning swim in the river for office work and a dull life in a nine-story panel house. From the point of view of the gameplay, this is a classic walking simulator in recognizable Russian scenery. Just relax and spend time wandering through the sun-drenched forest and misty swamps, or explore the interiors of the canonical Russian hut, which has realistic graphics, and the entire environment is worked out to the smallest detail.


Max: 1,99€


Min: 0,59€