Retro Vaders: Reloaded

Release April 7th 2020

About the game

The original Retro Vaders game rebuilt from the ground up with a brand new engine, complete graphics overhaul and a heap of new content.

Base game contains:
  • Operation Reloaded - The original 25 wave "Arcade Mode" mission from the original Retro Vaders, carefully rebuilt and remastered.
  • 3 Playable Blasters - Swap between the Sniper, Spread and Rapid blasters as you destroy the Vaders, each one redesigned with new visual changes as you upgrade and rebalanced stats compared to the the original game.
  • Time Attack Mode - Start any previously completed mission with a fully upgraded blaster and race against the clock.
  • Deathwish Mode - A challenging new unlockable game mode where the player must complete the mission with just a single life.
  • Retro Mode - An expanded and improved Retro Mode where the player can earn "Field Promotions" to upgrade their blaster as they play.
  • 4 New seasonal events which take place at certain times of the year unlocking a special mission to play and a seasonal version of Retro Mode.
  • 65 In-Game Awards (and Steam Achievements) to unlock!