RaidTitans is a classic real-time strategy role-playing game
A hero who lost everything at once is deported to a remote village, but his story is just beginning
Join his journey to discover past truths, faith, forgiveness, and love


  • Troops that grow with reputation
As your reputation grows, you can hire up to 30 mercenaries. Make a free strategy!
The mercenaries are divided into five types : Attacker, Tank, Archer, Wizard and Healer
Different types have different skills and different characteristics, but it's up to you to choose
The more you build your reputation, the newer mercenaries will come to your tavern!

  • Emotional Story
What happened when the world became peaceful? Follow the journey of the fallen hero

  • Unique Real-Time Combat
Monsters are as smart and aggressive as players!
When the battle begins, command quickly and defeat the monster quickly before dark!

  • Materials Farming and Equipment Manufacturing
We can defeat monsters, we can destroy boxes, barrels, certain rocks in battle areas, and we can get materials
Make better equipment using the materials you have acquired. It will be easier to fight!