Protective Clothing

Release March 27th 2020

About the game

“Mass abduction; victims confined within a secluded factory,” the culprit’s true identity lies hidden under a hazmat suit. What is the motive behind this atrocity? Can all the victims escape in one piece?


- Over 50 CGs.

- 5 Endings in total.
- About 1 hour of playtime per chapter.
- 19 unlockable Steam Achievements.
- Voice clips.


- This game contains a scene with consecutive blinking images and/or lights.

- There are contents of blood, depression, suicide and death-related scenes.
- There is a chance that the game will not be installed properly, leaving only an empty folder. One of our translators who encountered this issue concluded that it was caused by the anti-virus (Avast) blocking the EXE file. Said translator solved this issue by setting the folder as an exception in Avast. The other solution would be to turn off such anti-virus program before installing.

Gameplay Notes

- Hold Z to speed up the game (Caution: this can cause you to skip the saving screen.)
- You can only save your game once per chapter at some of the chairs, and at the end of each chapter.
- Press F4 to minimize/maximize the screen.
- Change the language at Options > Language

Partial Controller Support Notes

- Left Stick for Arrow Keys.

- Y Button for Z in-game button.
- X Button for X in-game button.
- When playing with a controller, the mouse cursor will still be on the screen. It is recommended to move it out of the screen to avoid distraction.

This game is about 700 MB.