November 15, 2021

About the game


Hi, I'm Joseph Karras. I'm a photojournalist specializing in documenting paranormal activities. The church sent me here to this house to collect evidence from a supposed ghost that resides here. My goal today is to take a picture of the ghost and anything else paranormal I can find.


phoToq is a single player psychological horror where you need to take pictures of paranormal events in a haunted house. Every run generates new goals at random. You must be careful with the ghost girl who is not happy with your presence and will try to kill you.


  • Scariest 2D game in years.
  • High immersion with sound elements happening all the time, keeping the player alert and fearful.
  • Dark and tense atmosphere with constant paranormal events happening around you.
  • You must quickly hide from the ghost when attacked to continue your objective.
  • Capture paranormal evidence and beware of the ghost.
  • High replay factor with random generated objectives on each new run.