Peekaboo Collection - 3 Tales of Horror

Release April 6th 2020

About the game

Three different stories exerting you into dark twist, forcing you to confront face to face with the creatures that lurk there.

The collection includes 3 horror games, featuring various gameplay mechanics and 3 different stories.
The tales vary from psychological horror to grotesque body horror, as well as different ways to deal with the dangers you come accross - whether it's combat, a mysterious woman's voice on a recorder, or attending several movies without any hope of escape.

Tale #1 - Theater Unrest

You walk up to a ticket booth where only one ticket is left for you to take. You hand your ticket to the ticketmaster and enter the theater to watch the featured film. However, you soon realize that this theater is not normal when you are caught in an endless loop of films and sinister beings begin to show themselves.

Inspired by the creepypasta "The Theater".
"Thank you, please enjoy the movie."
That's all you hear by giving a strange looking ticket to the ticketmaster.
His friendly voice is the only calming thing with the other creatures around in this place.
"Thank you, please enjoy the movie."
The mannequin locked in the glass box seems calm at first and the shadow figure too excited and aggressive.
"Thank you, please enjoy the movie."
Film after film, seems like you'll never escape this place.
"Thank you, please enjoy the movie."
"Thank you, please..."

Tale #2 - Balavour

When Luna makes an unexpected discovery of a flower its great beauty is quickly stained with a living nightmare.
Luna and her dog, Jasper, begin to experience unusual events as their bodies start to change and vines slowly consume their home.
First person short indie horror game, featuring body horror and a sad and creepy story.

Tale #3 - Solumcess

Standing on the edge of a building, you are on the verge of making the jump when you notice a recorder that was not present before.
By listening to the recorder, an unknown voice takes you to deeper and darker places.
Do you listen, or do you jump?
Solumcess enters you in a world of choices that always have consequences.