Paths & Danger

April 14, 2022
Windows Mac Linux

About the game

Welcome to Paths & Danger

Paths & Danger is a procedural turn-based RPG with a more simplistic approach to the tactical genre. Join in on an adventure where you must gather a balanced group of heroes to embark on a series of jobs and quests and uncover the great mystery surrounding the province of Westwall.

To complete jobs you must travel many paths in which you have to deal with random encounters and different situations and make the best of it.
Upon completing jobs, you must hire and recruit new members for your party, each with different skills. You can also increase the success of your adventures by improving your character's gear and equipment. Plus, pack up all sorts of potions, loot, precious gems, and gold to help you along the journey.

Main Features

● Lead groups of different characters, each one with unique abilities and weapons
● Manage your heroes' stats to get them stronger
● Deal with dangerous circumstances and quests
● Solve the story of the mystery surrounding the town of Westwall
● Fight in a strategic turn-based combat system on a hex grid
● A deep atmospheric environment that suits different world places
● Emerge in a diverse stunning dark fantasy world
● Roguelike features, including permadeath
● Procedural map generation giving endless replay

Are you worthy of facing an uncertain fate?