Match Number Panels

Release April 1st 2020

About the game

This game is a game to relax and play.
When your thoughts don't come together in your daily routine, resetting your thoughts by using your head moderately away from your thoughts can sometimes work.
So try playing this game as a relaxing game to use your head moderately.

--- Game contents
A simple game that matches numbers and shapes.
If you select the same shape and the same number as the icon at the top of the screen, the score will be entered.
When you accumulate your score and reach the goal score point, the stage is finished.

Game features
・ The score you have got will gradually decrease at regular intervals.
・ There is no time limit or game over.
・ Before the combo display disappears, make it a combo by erasing it without interruption.

Up to 30 stages are prepared and it becomes increasingly difficult.
It's designed to be stress-free and relaxed, but there are some difficulties to remember things.
It is not natural to be able to clear, so let's challenge with a light feeling.