Mars Tactics

The Red Planet is at war. Lead either Capital’s corporate army or Labor’s worker revolutionaries and wage war across a vast strategic map, then assume direct control in turn-based tactical battles featuring artillery, vehicles, and fully-destructible environments.

Mars Tactics combines turn-based tactical gameplay with large-scale strategic operations across a detailed map of Mars. Choose between two factions; the scrappy resource-starved Labor revolutionaries, or the expansive shareholder-controlled Capital army. Lead soldiers that grow and learn dynamically from their experiences, in and out of battle, alongside scientists and engineers that ensure you stay one step ahead of the enemy at all times.

The dust never truly settles on Mars. Through sandstorms and clear skies alike, the spray from machine guns and shockwaves of frag grenades shake the very core of the planet – its people. Picket lines turn to frontlines and workers' strikes become air strikes as the forces of Capital and Labor engage in a seemingly endless struggle for victory.

  • Explosive Excavation - No good cover available? A trusty grenade can solve your troubles – “dig” yourself a nice trench for your troops.
  • Tactical Destruction - Cornered with your squad’s backs up against a wall? Destroy the wall and open up a new angle of approach. Enemy forces retreating to cover within a building? Call in an air strike and wipe that structure from the battle map. Mars Tactics uses destruction as a way to open up creative tactical options – take the floor out from underneath your enemies, preemptively destroy cover they're likely to take advantage of, or otherwise reshape the battlefield to your advantage.
  • Teaming with Options - Individuals in your squads will have their own capabilities, inventories, and arsenals. Watch them level up their skills through the actions they take on the battlefield and hone them into optimal operatives. Share equipment mid-battle as needed, tossing magazines to a friend in need or lobbing unprimed grenades for somebody in a better position to pick up, prime, and pop.
  • Fire and Movement - Suppress enemies with targeted shots or spray fire – whether the shots land or miss, the fear of taking a bullet can make the toughest veteran cower. Use this to your advantage not just to limit the suppressed enemy’s actions on their next turn, but to steal additional action points for your own squad to use how you see fit – seek cover after a courageous attack, continue your assault, or encourage an ally to make their move with an added advantage.

Two factions locked in a dichotomy as old as time – the boot, and those under its heel. Will investment money dry up during the battle of attrition, or will the fat cats on Earth keep the money and munitions flowing? Will the workers seize the means of destruction, or will their cohesion fall apart under the union-busting might of artillery fire?

  • Asymmetry in Action - Unique mechanics, units, and starting equipment set both sides of the war apart. Whether you fight for Capital or stand alongside Labor, you'll need to adapt to the different strengths, weaknesses, and gameplay systems of each faction. Labor can customize and manufacture weapons locally, while Capital needs to wait for shipments from Earth. Labor has higher morale, driven by their righteous fervor, while Capital has easier access to resources. Labor’s forces start small but can grow over time, while Capital begins from a position of strength but will be forever beholden to the demands of its masters back on Earth.
  • Large Scale Operations - A planet-wide war takes careful planning and coordination. Secure jets to facilitate the movement of troops, the provision of air support, and the safety of trade with orbital stations. Build up your base to help develop new technologies, train new soldiers, and invest in your engineers and scientists. Establish outposts and supply-chains that enable operations across the planet – poorly supplied troops will suffer grave consequences on the battlefield. March, fly, and ride in armored vehicles across the sands of Mars as you struggle for the supremacy of your ideology.
  • Worldwide Warfare - Battles in any location are influenced by the overall strategic situation – reinforcements arrive from adjacent locations and long-range artillery support is of critical importance. Will you employ combined arms, defeat in detail, or use other tactics to overcome the enemy?
  • Spoils of War - In a war of attrition, managing supply chains and guarding resource hubs are of the utmost importance. Gain control over vital resources spread across the planet, and ensure their safe transit to where they're needed, while raiding enemy depots and supply lines. Commandeer vehicles in one battle to gain an advantage for future engagements as you jostle for position and control. Acquire prisoners of war and interrogate them for vital information, and look to rescue your own to prevent a terrible fate at the hand of the enemy.

Direct dozens of operatives across battlefields, construction sites, and laboratories. From researching new fields of science to dominating the fields of battle, every step forward is a step closer to your goal – make sure everyone is doing their part!

  • Everyone Starts Somewhere - All characters are shaped by their actions and experiences. Kill multiple enemies with one shot? Your soldier might earn the Penetrator Trait. Save a downed squad member? Discover a talent for medicine. Endless options are uncovered through actions taken on and off the battlefield as you shape your rookies from simple laborers or enforcers into rugged veteran warriors who ride dropships and armored vehicles into battle. Or spend some cash and take a shortcut – hire deadly mercenaries from Earth looking to make a quick buck.
  • More Than Human - As your troops survive the meatgrinder of war, they'll become scarred veterans. But the option is there to take the war one step further, and turn to cybernetics to reshape your soldiers into something more.

Whether you fight for the continued rule of Capital or for the liberation of Labor, Mars Tactics blends turn-based tactics with a fully realized strategic layer – you aren’t just fighting a series of squad-level battles, you’re fighting a war for the planet’s future.