Meat is a horror sci-fi RPG game, with pixel art graphics and isometric view, inspired by the genre classics. Become a Civil War veteran, who is trying to single handedly fight down a mysterious substance that is slowly taking over his quiet, Canadian town.

Discover the mysterious world of Washagami
The story of M.E.A.T. is based on true events, such as the Gold Rush in North America, but spices them up with fictional horror elements. After the city gets cut off from the outside world, you discover in your mine an unknown substance that increases strength, aggression and amplifies the most dominant features of the carrier. Telestarion is slowly taking control over people and objects it touches, putting the local community in danger.

Neverending story
Choose wisely, as your decisions will influence the world and the plot. Besides main story quests, you will encounter many side missions. Fun doesn’t end with solving the mystery and saving the city - after finishing the campaign you will be able to further develop your character and explore the world in Game+ mode.

MMORPG feeling
Even though M.E.A.T. will be a single player experience, we didn’t forget about MMORPG fans, who will find in our game many elements known from their favourite genre - renewable respawns, day and night cycle affecting the level of foes and availability of quests, fractions with their own unique bosses or drops based on probability.

Practice makes perfect
The character development system is based on training and fighting with enemies - the more you practice, the better your skills will be. Movement speed will depend on your level, equipment and the surface you’re moving on. During fights keep an eye on your enemy's position, his fight mechanics and layers of the surrounding world - grid-based movement has its perks, but can also be deadly.