Lost Marbles

Lost Marbles is a fast pace physics-based rolling platformer. The game includes 3 game modes; Time Trials, Gem Arenas and Arcade Playlists. The game is broken into 5 difficulties, so no matter your style of gaming, there will always be something to play, and every level has a global scoreboard.

Release date
Nov 18, 2022
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Lost Marbles is a fast pace physics-based rolling platformer. The game features 3 different game modes, and a difficulty scale ranging from relaxed, to incredibly difficult. Every level in the game features its own leaderboards, as well as global leaderboards for each mode and an overall game leaderboard, so if competition is what you are looking for, you have found it here!

The game is heavily inspired by the Marble Blast series, but with a number of additional features never before seen in this genre of game.

Game Features:

The game features around 50 Time Trial levels, where the goal is to make it through the level in the fastest possible time. Carve your own path through these levels using a number of fun powerups!

The game features around 10 Gem Arenas, where the goal is to collect as many gems as you can in the given time. The gem spawns are random each time you play, so it will always feel interesting and fresh!

Play along side your friends online and discover new routes together, or perhaps a little friendly competition.

The game features a number of Arcade Playlists, which could best be described as RTA-style speedrunning. Each playlist features a number of levels in sequence, with the goal being to complete all levels in the fastest time possible and with the lowest number of mistakes.

The game features a number of hidden collectibles and puzzles spanning entire levels. Who knows what you will find? :o

Every level in the game features its own global leaderboards, so if competition is your thing, there we have you covered. The game also features a global leaderboard for each mode, as well as a global game leaderboard.

Your personal best run will be saved locally as a replay for your viewing pleasure at any time, and if you manage to beat the golden medal time on the level, the replay will also be shared with the world via the leaderboards. It’s the perfect opportunity to show the world how good you are!

Personalise your marble with a variety of fun and unique skins, which can be found hidden through levels, or unlocked via completing certain goals.