Korpus: Buried over the Black Soil

Knowledge is power. By a sudden circumstance, everything you read and learn becomes true in front of your eyes. When a gruesome verse written on a wall in blood turns into reality, do you want to keep reading? Knowledge is painful.

Korpus is a first-person horror game in which you have been sent to evaluate an abandoned house in Eastern Europe as a real estate agent. Uncover the houses past as you learn what horrors it hides.

The game is inspired by the video games of the 90s. The game hasn't been made to look like a carbon copy; instead, it has been inspired by the visual style of that nostalgic era of gaming and has brought it to the modern standards.


  • The house changes based on the things you know. You just learned that the dark hallway has one more door in it and a vengeful ghost is coming after you? There is now.
  • The game is an unconventional horror game perceived from the first perspective. There is no combat – all the monsters must be dealt with indirect means, either by avoiding, hiding or something cleverer.
  • The ghosts lurking in the dark corners of the house work in different ways. Some are hostile, some or not, but only one thing is clear: they will not make your journey to the source of the madness any easier.
  • In order to solve the secrets of the house, you need to figure out how the house works. Is one specific bookshelf in your way and need it to disappear? Read a note that contradicts its existence.