Kissing Simulator

Kissing Simulator

Kissing Simulator
Gentlemen, prepare wallets.
This is what you dreamed for decades. This is what humanity was waiting since the very beginning of its history, from times of cavemen, and particularly since movies about futurism. So let me announce officialy: the future is here. This is a virtual girl friend simulator, a simulator of Kissing, a digital kiss robot.
There is a cute sweetheart emo-like or anime-like or vinisko-tyan girl
Everything is done at the highest level. Graceful synchronous animations, high-quality graphics, cuteness.
3 levels, 5 girl skins, hair color customization

Technical Information:

First Person View
Character has a Body
Quality full-body animations
Good graphics
Camera control


Max: 0,99€


Min: 0,79€