Kingdom Under Fire 2

It’s an MMO

Gain levels, earn experience: Choose one of five unique heroes, master thrilling missions as you unravel an unforgettable story, craft epic gear and train up a powerful army.

It’s an RTS

Master tactics, win victories: Your elite units stand behind you like a wall of steel, baying for the blood of your enemies. Take direct control of a colossal war machine and dominate Bersia’s battlefields in epic encounters!


Master a unique MMORPG.


Switch to the RTS view and command your troops.


Choose a hero from 5 classes and perfect your skills.


Cut down hordes of enemies in epic-scale battles.

The Hero Package contains:

1x Exclusive Costume:
The selection box contains the Guardian of Light Set – a full blue-and-white costume set for all playable classes. Whichever path you take, you’ll be perfectly kitted out from head to toe.

Troops Benefits:
  • 3x Troop Coupon
  • 5x Troop Revival
  • 1x Rare Troop

Other Benefits:
  • In-game currency: 1,000x Cubic
  • Silver Booster Pack (30 Days)
  • 1x Change Appearance Voucher
  • 20x Resurrection Ticket
  • 10x Universal Repair

The Emperor Package contains:

2x Exclusive Costumes:
The selection box contains the Guardian of Light and Paladin Sets – full blue-and-white and black-and-gold costume sets for all playable classes. Whichever path you take, you’ll be perfectly kitted out from head to toe.

1x Mount:
A real unicorn – mount up and charge into battle on this beast of fancy!

Troops Benefits:
  • 5x Troop Coupon
  • 10x Troop Revival
  • 1x Rare Troop
  • 1x Heroic Troop

Other Benefits:
  • In-game currency: 2,500x Cubic
  • Silver & Gold Booster Pack (90 Days)
  • 3x Change Appearance Voucher
  • 50x Resurrection Ticket
  • 20x Universal Repair
  • 1x Character Slot Expansion

The War God Package contains:

3x Exclusive Costumes:
This selection box contains 3 different sets: Guardian of Light, Paladin and War God (blue-and-white, black-and-gold and black-and-red). Each set is a complete costume for all playable classes – whichever path you take, you’ll be perfectly kitted out from head to toe.

2x Mounts:
Contains the two noblest mounts on the continent: a true Unicorn and Poseidon’s Charger. Speed and style guaranteed!

Troops Benefits:
  • 10x Troop Coupon
  • 20x Troop Revival
  • 2x Rare Troop
  • 1x Heroic Troop
  • 1x Unit: Experienced Paladin
  • 1x Troop XP Book
  • 30x Heroic Improvement Stone
  • 30x Faction Improvement Stone

Other Benefits:
  • In-game currency: 5,000x Cubic
  • Silver & Gold Booster Pack (365 Days)
  • 5x Change Appearance Voucher
  • 150x Resurrection Ticket
  • 50x Universal Repair
  • 2x Character Slot Expansion

All package items will be sent to you via in-game mail. All contents can be collected up to 6 times per account after creating a character. Unclaimed items in the in-game mailbox will not be deleted when a character is deleted.

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger effortlessly switches between sword and pistols, utilising an array of combos to attack individual targets and unleash area of effect attacks.

The Spellsword

The Spellsword combines her magical runes to produce ever new attacks and healing spells, compensating for her relatively shallow health pool with agility, sword and sceptre.

The Berserker

The Berserker stands out in the carnage of battle for his brute force and staying power – an ultimate front-line warrior capable of smashing enemy ranks with obliterating attacks.

The Ranger

Swift and adept in both ranged and melee combat, the Ranger exhibits a fascinating array of skills with daggers, rapidly switching to her bow where necessary.

The Elementalist

The Elementalist is a skilled and versatile mage, capable of channelling the power of the elements in both attack and defence. She can use her spells to summon companions to fight by her side.

Archers, scorpions, ogres and wizards – choose the perfect mix from over 80 different troops and conquer the battlefield. Combine magic with brute strength, crusaders with mortarmen, melee brawlers with ranged sharpshooters – the possibilities are endless!

[Notice to pre-existing users]

In order to play the Steam version of Kingdom Under Fire 2, you must purchase the game on Steam. Purchasing and launching the game via Steam will create a new Kingdom Under Fire 2 account which is linked to Steam. Existing Kingdom Under Fire 2 accounts which were not created on Steam cannot be played via Steam.