Jungle House - Prologue


About the game


Explore and make houses in a free version Jungle House Prologue! This is a free game that includes features available in the full version! Become one-man architect for building amazing houses in jungle wilderness with primitive tools. Explore and make houses from secret underground ones with pools to houses on high trees. Can you build house in jungle wilderness almost with your hands? Yes, you can!

You use simple primitive tools around you and craft your own ones. Create your own set of tools to use and conquer the wilds with them. Upgrade your techniques and use advanced materials to create more durable and larger buildings.

Create different type of houses like secret underground house with pool from complete scratch or go to highest trees with your advanced skills and build house there with awesome zipline

Can you build house with your hands? Yes, you can!


- Different type of houses to build
- Relaxing and fun atmosphere
- Unreal Engine graphics with great quality
- Crafting elements
- Survival light version of gameplay