Jump Off The Bridge

JOTB is an absurd retro-platformer game with a seemingly simple task; jump off the bridge.


  • 35+ Levels of increasing difficulty
  • 3 Halloween Levels (More seasonal levels to coming soon!)
  • 7 Journey to the West Themed Levels!
  • Extreme Level Variety: Fetch Quests, Platforming Challenges, Puzzle Levels, Reaction Time Levels, and Boss Levels.
  • Retro sounds dating back to the Old School Consoles of the 90's.
  • Jump Off The Bridge is a precise and tightly controlled Platformer without the slip n' slide motion.
  • Features a very challenging end game!
  • Several secrets hidden within the game!
  • Features a quirky sense of humor despite the goal!


Jump Off The Bridge is a platformer with an emphasis on difficulty and unique level design. Each level, the player is required to jump off the bridge, but dying in any other sense, is failure. You may encounter characters that require items, methodical puzzle levels, intensely difficult platforming, tough levels that test your reaction time, and even bosses. Jump Off The Bridge is a meticulously crafted world that avoids the overuse of previously introduced sprites and characters. Every level feels unique, and is memorable.

As a retro-gamer, I wanted to create an homage to the games I know and love; nail-biting platformer games with interesting worlds and enemies. JOTB is a passion project crafted with an emphasis on humor, absurdity, and unique level design. I'm aware retro-platforming indie games tend to be the punchline of the joke within game development circles. However, this retro-platformer is a far cry from its contemporaries.

Are you a platforming god?

If this game isn't hard enough for you, don't worry, Hardmode is a planned feature for following updates. And I promise, it will be horribly difficult.