Release April 7th 2020

About the game

Istoria is a Story driven Turn-based Strategy Game.
Follow the Story of Nemu who was sealed for 500 years.
Travel between Worlds and Locations to complete the Story.
Meet many Characters which each have their own Motivations.
Customize your Character by choosing from many different Classes.
Find and craft Items for your Characters.
Complete Side or Challenge Missions.

Turn-Based Strategy:

First you select the actions your Characters (up to 4 for normal missions) should make that Turn.
You have to plan your actions carefully, because after you hit the End Turn Button there is no turning back.
When you end the Turn all Characters will activate in order of their speed stat.

Customize your Characters:

Equip Items:
Equip 2 passive (Weapon+Artifact) and 4 active Items.

Interesting Effects/Passives:
Items and Characters can have many different Effects/Passives.

Character can have up to 10 Class level in up to 4 Classes
( Vrontimancer lv.2 Pyromancer for 5 used Class level).

Change Skills:
Every Character can equip up to 5 Skills.


You will travel to different Locations which each have their own Map.

On the Map you will find:
  • Mainstory Quests
  • Sidestory Quests
  • Challenge Quests
  • Farming Locations