Release July 7th 2020

About the game

You are an arrow icon, navigating a 2D open world of visual communication. Free to go anywhere you like as long as you can figure out how to solve the puzzles. Discover secrets, visit landmarks, explore dungeons, cross continents, avoid destruction or fail for fun!

CURRENT Features

  • All art, animation, and programming created by a single solo developer.
  • A calming minimalistic art style free of noise and distraction.
  • A variety of traps, tricks, and mind-bending puzzles.
  • Explore 10 small tutorial levels ( more coming soon... )

FUTURE Features

  • Rewarding Failure & Death Mechanics
  • Explore FULL Dungeons, Ruins, Villages, and more...
  • A variety of traps, tricks, and mind-bending puzzles.
  • Find Hidden Runes to unlock Icons to access new areas.
  • Recover lost artifacts to drive back a mysterious darkness.
  • Rescue Villagers to restore empty villages.
  • An open 2D world to navigate.

A World of Visual Communication:

Iconic features a world without text-based language, the experience is communicated directly through forms of visual display to help the player progress. Colors are used sparingly to indicate importance or to catch the eye and offer hints where the focus should be directed. The simplicity and minimalism is intentional and based on the concept of "Lagom" which roughly translates to "Not too little, not too much" in Swedish.

The gameplay is intended to invoke feelings of both calm and intense stress, yet let the player control the pace of progress and give freedom to discover what is available at the time and place of the players choosing.