About the game

HypeSquad is a fast-paced, close-quarters combat game anyone can enjoy. Be creative and personalize your combat style with unique weapon combinations and augmenters. The path to true paradise lies beyond Cagliostro. Team up with the best and work together to survive!


  • [A Huge Cast Of Characters]
    Select from a distinct group of heroes, each with different backgrounds and motivations!
    Righteous captain of an assault squad? Tenacious scout? The choice is yours.

  • [A Full Arsenal]
    Find unique melee and ranged weapons, then equip two for battle. Freely switch between your two weapons in combat and lead your squad to victory.
    Master your favorite weapon combinations and use them to turn the tide of battle.

  • [60-player Matchmaking]
    Join a 3-Player squad in a 20-Squad battle.
    Strategize with your squad, revive fallen squadmates, and be the last squad standing.

  • [Numerous Items and Upgrades]
    HypeSquad features various items and upgrades.
    Use the perfect battle support item at the right time to neutralize the enemy, take a base, then upgrade your augmenters with the resulting resources to be one step closer to victory.

  • [Strategic Gameplay Using In-game Objects]
    HypeSquad features many objects to interact with. Go fast using a zipline to take a strategic position, or use jump pads to shake off an enemy during a risky fight.
    These features are more crucial to your victory than you can imagine.