House of Detention

House of Detention is unique horror with a deep plot, a lot of characters, great sound effects and a creepy atmosphere of Dungeon

Recommended to play the Right Version ♂ - Patch (if you're an adult)

You woke up in the Middle of Nowhere, the only thing you have is a flashlight. Collect Water Mugs and Meme Scrolls to win

Unique Features

  • Various of Monsters - You cannot escape the Lash of the Spain King
  • Real Dungeon - Created by the precepts of the Dungeon Master
  • Locker Room - Show 'em who is the Lord of this Locker Room
  • Gym - Do you think you can beat me 123?
  • Collect 18 Mugs with Water
  • Pick Up 5 Meme Scrolls
  • Atmospheric Music

You will have to put a lot of mental and physical effort to beat up this game!