Hot And Lovely 2

Release March 26th 2020

About the game

Two DLC unlocking postures:
1. Click to download DLC

2. Press "Win + R" to input:

Press enter to download the free DLC

This is a casual origami game, which can exercise your hands-on ability. You can show your wisdom to girls through origami. With the continuous improvement of your origami technology, you can capture girls' hearts after completing the checkpoint.

We have 40 different levels for you to experience.

In the game, you must fold the paper as much as possible into the specified cute graphics in the specified origami times. The game is very challenging from easy to difficult.

How to play the game:

Origami + pretty girl + changing clothes

Game features:

1.40 different levels waiting for your challenge
2.10 different roles, multiple CGS waiting for your appreciation~
3. Each role has its own dynamic CG
4. Each role can be changed
5. Each role has multiple interactions waiting for your discovery
6. Interesting origami, time to show your wisdom

With the launch of the game, achievements and card collection will gradually open up, and more beautiful personal data background will be provided to you~